Our KP Sold illegally for Land Mining belonging to Thiya Community.

Our KP Sold illegally for Land Mining belonging to Thiya Community.

By: Roopesh Y. Rao, Mumbai.

Our Karnataka Property (KP) was Sold out illegally to mining mafia for Land Mining and Red Literate stones extraction. Goods worth Lakhs of Rupees were sold in the open market that include Literate stones and Red mud. Thiya Samachara and its publishers, Thiya Welfare Association were the first to report this incidence in media and in various communications to the members of Thiya Samaj.

Our KP is worth Rs. 10–12 Crores and is one of the most prime land property in Mudipu, Mangalore, Karnataka. The senior members like the Ex-Vice President of Thiya Samaj were informed well in advance in writing and have been warned to take action against this illegal deal happening under the supervision and guidance of the most learned Ex-Vice President himself. We at Thiya Welfare Association have made all efforts to safeguard our KP and protect it from not being sold to any third party. The matter is sub judice and pending in courts hence cannot comment.

The Ex-Vice President was warned in writing and asked to take action by many senior members of Thiya samaj and he deliberately failed to do so due to some ulterior motive which is unknown to the Thiya community.

Our KP has been dug up and large craters have been made due to the land mining activity. The Ex-Vice President is responsible for this and should be asked for an compensation.

Thiya Land in Mudipu, before Mining activity

Thiya Land in Mudipu, mangalore after Land Mining activities

Our KP sold for red mud and Literate stone illegally for money


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  1. Who is this KP

  2. KP Bole tho Karnataka Property is it so, really its a punching Line by editor

  3. Pl send your email id

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