Shri. Krishna N. Uchil donates Rs.50000 to Miss Pavitra Belchada for her brain tumour treatment

After reading a sad news in Thiya Welfare  and Udayavani (published on 26th & 27th July 2012) our great Thiya Personality Shri. Krishna Uchil stepped forward to save the precious life of Miss Pavitra Balchada by donating Rs.50,000 to her maternal uncle in the presence of a large Thiya gathering (appox.1200 Thiya members crowd) at Mangalore witnessing the 25th Death Anniversary of the great Thiya leader Shri. Narayana Karthappa on 5th August 2012.

Shri Krishna N. Uchil donating Rs.50,000 to Miss Pavitra Belchada for her treatment


Shri Krishna Uchil addressing a 1200 Strong Thiya crowd in Mangalore


Pavitra Belchada – Brain Tumour

Pavitra Belchada – Brain Tumour







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  1. Sirji you have doing a very very good work for our child in India. GOD will bless you and your family members. May GOD help these child by your kind hepl. thankyou very much sirji. Amit Puthran, Ajman

  2. UPDATES: Sh. Krishna N. Uchil and his family deserves this appreciation and has extended this quick financial help. We are just a conduit. The child from Manjeshwara, Ms. Pavitra is presently undergoing medical treatment at UML Mangalore Hospital and her Doctors are trying their best. A specialist is flying down from Madurai next week to look into the serious case. The child is suffering from Osteogenic sarcoma of the skull and is in a very advanced stage. The tomour has grown very rapid and child is in a critical condition. God bless her and lets all pray for the best. —-Roopesh Y. Rao

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