Thiya Samaj Dubai – Annual General Meeting on 24thAugust.

Thiya Samaj Dubai Annual General Meeting on 24thAugust.

Dubai : The 9th Annual General Body meeting of Thiya Samaj, Dubai will be held on 24th August, 2012 at 4 pm at Bengre Kamath Restaurant, Bur Dubai. 

It was decided in a meeting held on 10th August, 2012 under the presidentship of Roshan Bolar, the president of the Samaj.

According to Yogesh Ullal the Founder Vice President of the Samaj, a new committee will be formed in the AGM. In addition to the existing activities the AGM will also have the discussion to strengthen the Education fund and helping the poor needy children in India and in UAE.

The meeting was attended by more than 20 active members of the Samaj including Dharmendra Bangera, Viivek Anand, Yogesh Ullal, Shahikiran and other office bearers.

It was decided to form a Ladies Wing of Thiya Samaj, Dubai.

Thiya Samaj, Dubai was founded in February 2004 by Ishwar M. Ail along with Late Umesh Nanthoor (Founder President), Smt. Bisalakshi, Sadashiva Manjeshwar, Yogesh Ullal, Nagesh Suvarna, Dharmendra Bandera and many others. It was conducting Annual Dasera Pooja, Annual picnic and also get together function with the guests  visiting from India, in addition to helping the poor students in India.  


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