A request letter to Shri. Vineet Joshi, Chairman, CBSE, New Delhi to alter the remark on Shree Narayana Guru Swami

15th August 2012

Mr. Vineet Joshi,


CBSE Board,

New Delhi,

Respected Sir,

 Re: A derogatory remark made on our religious Guru Shree Narayana Guru Swami

We are one of the largest community from Kerala named “Ezhava or Thiya” and collectively we all contribute  to appox 23% of the total population of Kerala. The Ezhavas and Thiyas have contributed and has produced great personalities to our country. The Ezhavas or Thiyas follow a common guru by the name “Shree Narayana Guru Swami” who was also an Ezhava or Thiya by birth.

Recently, we have come across a text book published in Kerala for STD X in CBSE, which quotes a derogatory remark on Shree Narayana Guru Swami and reads  ”A guru from among low caste Ezhavas, Shri Narayana Guru proclaimed the ideals for the unity of his people. He advocated equality of all within a single sect or caste. He inspired all of them to have faith in one guru alone, that is he himself”

Sir, this is a misleading statement for our beloved Guru, who gave us many lessons in life built 100s of temples and preached to our community “Prosper through education, help one another”. The Guru was beyond caste and creed. He had transcended all those narrow considerations. Yet he had great compassion for the community where he came from.
This is quite incredible as for a person of his stature. We forget all our past. But, he doesn’t. He is not with the past. Yet he is with the past. He is with the present. And he is for Future! He feels that the future should be brilliant for the mankind – especially from the lower socio-economic state to which people were suppressed, they should be uplifted. He very well knew that then only is spiritual development possible. The real anti-dot lies in self-improvement. His thrust is chiefly on socio-economic state. He was quite aware that this could be brought about through progress in education and industry. It is not necessary that all should learn.

These kind of statement in our school text books are contradictory to our Gurus preaching, it may have adverse effect on the young minds of students from STD X and these kinds of statements in the school text book is unbecoming of any Guru and projecting a Guru in wrong sense.

We, on behalf of our Ezhava and Thiya community, request your good-self to change this statement published in text books for STD X and oblige. We will remain grateful to you and the CBSE board.  If written instructions are provided to the publisher of this book from your esteemed office to make necessary changes and save the age-old image of our Guru, which has been misled and wrongly represented, unknowingly and out of ignorance.

We are enclosing herewith a soft copy of the Text Book page for your quick reference.


Thanks and regards.

Roopesh Y. Rao


Thiya Welfare Association

Note : For research on Shree Narayana Guru Swami log on to : http://www.gurudevan.info/temples-by-guru

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  1. Guru Sree Narayana was definitey a great personage. However, he is not a guru of the Thiyya and Thiyyas are not connected to the Ezhavas. I would request Roopesh Y. Rao to check real facts before wring the claims to the contrary.

    • Dear Ved. Thanks for your query and comment.
      Sree Guru Narayana Swamy has nowhere written nor told that Thiyas can not follow him nor respect him as their Guru. Can you ask all the Thai community members and associations of Thiya community as why do they garland Guru Swamys photos during all good occasions and functions on stage and why do they respect him?
      As long as the connection of Thiyas and Ezhavas goes, I have done a detailed research on this community as to where is the “origin of Ezhavas / Thiyas”. If you can send me your email id I can share the same research documents with you too. Thanks for the query and hope you have the clarifications now…..

      • The pertinent issue here is; QUOTE:

        ‘The Ezhavas or Thiyas follow a common guru by the name “Shree Narayana Guru Swami” who was also an Ezhava or Thiya by birth.’

        This statement stands is direct contrast to what is claimed. CBSE hasn’t mentioned Guru Sree Narayana as a Guru of all peoples of India. It may not be possible. For others may not like this imposition of a Guru on them.

        This statement of mine does not in any way question the greatness of Guru Sree Narayana.

        However, the fact remains that even though his thoughts are of universal value, the campaigns that he took part in were more or less connected to the statutory social and public codes of the erstwhile independent kingdom of Travancore. These statutory problems were not there in Malabar which was a remote district of Madras Presidency.

        As to the connections between the Ezhavas and Thiyyas are concerned, if one were to go backwards many kinds of connections between different populations might come up. However, in an area where people couldn’t understand the language of a place just 150 kms away could be a pointer to the lack of connections.

        Moreover some 30 years back very few Ezhavas had heard of Thiyyas and vice versa.

        All modern connections can started getting powerful with coming of modern transport contraptions.

        I have no aim to provoke any divisions, but then it feels silly to hear unconnected things getting connected.

        As to Guru Sree Narayana, I personally think that a profound study into his writings may bring out the depth of his scholarship. If anyone can do this without getting any Ezhava or Thiyya spirit, it might bring his calibre to the national limelight.

  2. Dear Ved,

    I don’t who you are and would like to know more about you in detail. You seem to be an learned person and may have better and in-depth knowledge on this subject, may be better than me.

    I have met someone like you after a long period and enjoy taking challenges in life. We may debate and argue over your subject and my subject, either of us are expert’s in own own domain of knowledge and work.

    However I would like to take this challenge in the most sporting way, without hurting any individual/s / caste / creed/ emotions and feelings from either sides.

    I hereby sportingly only challenge your statement in this page posted here as ” Guru Sree Narayana was definitey a great personage. However, he is not a guru of the Thiyya and Thiyyas are not connected to the Ezhavas. I would request Roopesh Y. Rao to check real facts before writing the claims to the contrary.”

    Let me clarify…. writing on the wall does not change anyones mind and thought process. They always think however they want to think. It’s like a image created of a “Malabari” in Mumbai. I am a ancestral malabari from north Kerala, born and educated in Mumbai, (Maharashtra, India). I couldn’t change the image of an Malabari in the Maharashtrian’s mind. I may write any articles and show any books of good deeds by Malabaris, the image in their mind could not be changed in this generation at least. Now I have stopped saying that I am an Malabari, as I cannot convince all the Maharashtrians that all Malabaris in Mumbai don’t cheat Mumbaikars with imported goods on the streets of Masjid Bunder, Musafirkhana or Fort, Mumbai.

    With due respect to your in-dept knowledge on this subject, I would request you and also try to convince you that no one can stop anyone from following a persons philosophy, like no one can stop Thiyas from accepting Guru Sree Narayana swamy as their “dharam guru”. Books are written by great authors and films are made by great directors, but the world is open to think and act as he likes and not as the author or the director likes.

    My great great grand father accepted Ravana as his God because he was a brahmin by birth, my grandfather accepted that Rama was his God, as he killed Ravana who kidnapped his wife. My father accepted that Sai Baba was a great philosopher and a thinker and I may follow the philosophy of Aasaram Bapu, a Ramdev Baba or a Nityanand Baba. It is our prerogative and our inner feelings that allow us to think, what we think.

    I humbly request you to take back your words that : ” ” Guru Sree Narayana was definitey a great personage. However, he is not a guru of the Thiyya and Thiyyas are not connected to the Ezhavas.”…….

    Your in-depth research goes on……. my philosophical research ends here……. Lets meet once, when time permits, in good spirit. Thanks a million for reading this. – Roopesh Y. Rao

    • Thank you for your nice letter and sporting tone. However, I should take exception to the claim that I am a person with learning and in-depth knowledge in the subject. I feel it is quite obvious from my words that my knowledge is pedestrian knowledge in this theme, and not something that comes from intense learning.

      As to the greatness of Guru Sree Narayana, I feel that too much emphasis is being placed on his oft-mentioned signature words: One Caste, One Religion, One God! I feel that it is an assessment of him from a very shallow level of understanding. His real stature could be connected to something of more intellectual elevation.

      It has been mentioned to me that he was a person with profound information on Vedic concepts. I have been told that his writings are a virtual repository of spiritual knowledge. As a person who has been doing a lot of informal observations on what I would call the Codes of Reality, I feel that some efforts should be made to go into the deep interiors of his works.

      It is true that his leadership to a campaign to remove caste based restrictions in the Kingdom of Travancore is of great social importance. However, if that is the only claim that can be placed on his greatness, it is possible that it shall be erased by passage of time. Moreover, it has no relevance to other people and other nations.

      Why I mention so much here is that once I had been told that Sree Shankaracharya had made a Yantra design which is believed to be an illustration of some deep spiritual codes. However, as of now no one can decipher what it means. For me, who believes that there is a software basis for reality, it points to a link to the virtual world of reality which is popularly understood as the spiritual world.

      I hope I have not distressed you with these words of mine. I do not accept any challenge of any sort. I can write to you occasionally.

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