Thiya Welfare Association celebrates 158th anniversary of Shree Narayana Guru Swami


TWA – Mumbai, 16th Sept, 2012 by Radha Anchan
Thiya Welfare Association (TWA) members, its trustees and the youth group of artist associated with the 3 year old strong & young Thiya Welfare Association celebrated the 158th anniversary of Shree Narayana Guru Swami on Sunday, 16th Sept, 2012 at Andheri east, Mumbai.
The TWA Trustees Mr. Yadav Rao, Mr. R. K. Suvarna and Mr. Umesh Manjeshwar were present for the pooja along with TWA President – Mr. Roopesh Rao, TWA Vice President – Ms. Sita Salian, TWA Vice President – Ms. Satyavathi Palan, TWA Cultural Committee Chairperson – Ms. Chandrawati Vasant, TWA Education Committee Chairman – Mr. Lazar Kotian and  TWA Health Committee Chairman – Mr. Kamlesh Shetty were present for the occasion. TWA Treasurer – Mr. Vishwath Baddur and TWA committee member – Mr. Naveen Ira were also present and graced the occasion.
The pooja was also attended by 40 Thiya Artist and Thiya members who had come to seek blessings of Shree Narayana Guru Swami and Bhagawathi Amma where in the Muhurath was also conducted on the same day by Yakshagana Guru Sh. Sadanand Kateel and Sh. Ganghadhar Suvarna. TWA plans to kick start the rehearsals for its various dance and drama events to be held in Jan 2013 for the 3rd Thiya Day. This year TWA plans to celebrate its grand annual day function at Manjeshwara, Kerala. Dance forms and various steps were demonstrated by Yakshagana Guru Sh. Sadanand Kateel and Sh. Ganghadhar Suvarna to all the Thiya Artists and performers present there and they all took their Guru’s blessings before starting the rehearsals.
“TWA plans to demonstrate their unity and integrity to other Thiya members in Mangalore and Kerala region and hence have planned to shift their focus this year towards south India” said the TWA President Mr. Roopesh Rao.
TWA Health Committee Chairman, Mr. Kamlesh Shetty added ” This is a very good platform for our community members where they are allowed to express their desire to perform and deliver the best. They have no stage fear, are confident, and are bold and expressive too now. TWA is changing the youth and their way of looking at life by involving these youth in cultural activities”
Ms. Chandra Vasant, Chairperson- TWA Cultural Committee said ” We have demonstrated our performance in last 3 years and 4 events that our performers are the best and their skills have been better over the years now. We have artists and performers strictly from the Thiya community and we have artists from the age group of 10 years to 65 years. This is our uniqueness and we perform in sync irrespective of age groups. Our hall has always exceeded its seating capacity in last many years and people applaud, shout and whistle which is a sign of excellent performance on stage “
Ms.Tanya Baddur, aged 10 years says ” I have been waiting for this day and I enjoy giving performance on stage. My family appreciates my dance and drama and I like it too”
Ms. Jaya Suvarna aged 65 years says ” I forgot that I am getting older and I don’t feel tired when on stage. I rehearse my steps regularly at home and try to be with the young kids who are my co partners. They are all my daughters and grand daughters and we all dance together like a joint family.”

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