“TULUVERE PARBA 2012” in Dubai on 5th of October, 2012

TWA, 4th Oct 2012.

Dubai: For the first time in UAE, Nama Tuluveru in association with various Community Organisations of Tulunadu in UAE, on the occasion of their 5th anniversary are holding a grand “TULUVERE PARBA 2012” in Dubai on 5th of October, 2012 which is said to be an really ethnic event ever conducted in UAE. Community Leaders, Presidents & Office bearers including leaders and members of various communities of Tulu Nadu had a grand meeting at Quick Bite Restaurant Hall, Muteena, Deira Dubai on 31st August, 2012, 10 AM to discuss and follow-up on the preparation with their fullest support in making this event an event systematically.

The meeting started with welcome by Shodhan Prasad who carried on the proceedings of the meeting. President of Abu Dhabi Karnataka Sangha and UAE Bunts, Sarvotham Shetty was greeted and all the members wished him on his birthday. Sahebans UAE committee members, Siraj Ahmed and Althaf H.K. have also joined from Abu Dhabi to give a boost to the programme. Sarvotham Shetty, B.G. Mohandas, Noel Almeida, Sudhakar Alva and Purushottam Salian were present on the dais. Representatives from Mangalore Konkans, Devadigara Sangha, Satish Venkataramana, President of Ganigara Sangha, Karnataka Sangha Sharjah, Mogaveers UAE, Vishwakarma Seva Samithi, Ravi B. Shettigar, President of Padmashali UAE, Sunil Shenoy, Geetha Nayak and Anjana Kamath lady representatives of UAE Amchigele Samaj, Narayana Seva Samithi, Nama Tuluveru Executive Members, Anand Bailoor, Sudhakar Poojary, Shubakar B., Dinesh Sanil, Yogita Salian, Santosh Karkera, Rajaneesh Amin, Amar Umesh Nanthoor, Anil Cardoza, Arthur Pereira, Dhananjay Shettigar, Divesh Alva, Ganesh Kotian, Prabhakar Suvarna, Sampath Shetty, Rajendra Pai, Satish, Premjith, Sandesh Angadibettu Jain, Fernandes and many others were present during the meeting.

“Tuluvere Parba 2012” programme was briefed once again which is clearly focussed towards charity, keeping up the rich Tulu language alive and at the same time showcasing our heritage, tradition, ethnic food, ethnic folk, ethnic artifacts, ethnic sports and ethnic way of life. Tulu is not pertaining to certain community but is the property of all those who belong to Tulu Nadu irrespective of caste, creed or religion. Hence ‘Tuluvere Parba 2012’ will be jointly shouldered and presented by all the Tuluva community organizations in UAE.


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