Untimely Death of Mr. Anand Shankar Rao

TWA, Mumbai 11th Oct 2012

Anand Shankar Rao

It is saddening to inform every Thiya member with deep regrets the untimely death of Mr. Anand Shankar Rao on 10th October 2012, at his Borivili west residence due to health issues. Mr. Rao was 58 years old and  was hospitalised for almost a month and thereafter brought back home for recovery and died suddenly after 9.00 Pm yesterday.

Mr. Anand Shankar Rao was a builder by profession and was a great philanthropist and had helped many religious institutions in Kerala and Karnataka. He was also the founder member of Thiya Welfare Association and had helped TWA financially on various occasions like event sponsorships etc.

The funeral procession of Mr. Rao will be held today at 4.00 pm from his residence at Borivili and the Uttarakriya ceremony will be informed soon thereafter.

May his soul rest in peace and may Goddess Bhagawathi provide all the strength and courage to the family of Mr. Anand Shankar Rao during this time of difficulty and sorrow.

We, on behalf of the entire Thiya Community, TWA family and Thiya Samachara publications submit our heartfelt condolences and express our sincere sympathy on the passing away of Mr. Anand Shankar Rao from Borivili, Mumbai.

Roopesh Y. Rao

President – Thiya Welfare Association


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