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Dr. Hemlata Sunil passes away

Mumbai : The first lady doctor of Thiya Community in Mumbai Dr. (Mrs.) Hemlata Sunil (45) passed away on 12thJanuary 2015 in a private hospital here.

She is the daughter of B C Karkera former president of Thiya Samaj, Mumbai. She is survived by her Father, Mother, Brother, Husband and daughter.


Bisu Kani celebrated by Thiya community in Mumbai

Mumbai: Bisu Kani festival was celebrated by Thiya community Mumbai West in association with women division at Siddhivinayak temple in Jogeshwari on April 14. Various religious rituals and Bhajans were held during the celebration.

Executive President of Thiya community west zone Gangadhar Kallady performed the Pooja rituals.Bisu

Nepal Earthquake news

Kinnigoli: BJP karyakrtas and leader in Kinnigoli raised fund for Nepal survivors to re establish the life in Nepal.

Bhuvanabhiram Udupa, Eshwar Kateel, Devaprasad Punarur, Asha Ratnakar Suvarna, Hemalatha, Keshav Karkera and others were present.

Earth Quake

100 most powerful Indians in Gulf GCC region

Thiya Welfare

100 most powerful Indians in Gulf GCC region

TWA – Mumbai, 8th Oct 2013

Check out the 100 most powerful Indians in Gulf GCC region



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100 most powerful Indians in Gulf GCC region

TWA – Mumbai, 8th Oct 2013

Check out the 100 most powerful Indians in Gulf GCC region



TWA Newsletter

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Demand for statehood for Tulu Nadu, Kodava Land resurfaces following Telengana bifurcation

TWA, Mumbai 19th Aug 2013.

Navodaya Kala Ranga Mumbai Annual Day Celebration


Ezhavas has got a paternal lineage of European origin: Study

TWA, Mumbai – 24th Apr 2013

Ezhavas showed more genotypic resemblance to the Jat Sikh population of Punjab and the Turkish populations than to East Asians, indicating a paternal lineage of European origin, according to a study on Deoxyribo Nulceic Acid (DNA) profiling of Kerala population conducted by a three-member team of experts attached to Department of Biotechnology and Biochemical Engineering at Sree Budha College of Engineering (SBCE) at Pattoor near Pandalam.

The study was conducted by Dr Seema Nair.P, Head of the department of Biotechnology and Biochemical Engineering at SBCE, Aswathy Geetha and Chippy Jagannath of the same department with the help of a group of students.

The study report has already been published in the Croatian Medical Journal (Croat MedJ), giving it an international exposure recently.

According to Dr Seema, the study has completely analysed the short tandem repeat (STR) profile of Y-chromosomes in male blood samples.

Whole blood samples were collected from 104 unrelated healthy men of the Ezhava population over a period of one year from October 2009.

Genomic DNA was extracted by salting out method and all samples were genotyped for the 8 Y-STR loci by the AmpFiSTR Y-filer PCR Amplification Kit. The haplotype (and allele frequencies were determined by direct counting and analyzed using Arlequin 3.1 software, and molecular variance was calculated with the Y-chromosome haplotype reference database online analysis tool,

Haplotype is a combination of DNA sequences (alleles) at different places (loci), she said.

As many as 98 of the 104 haplotypes examined were found unique ones.

“Out of the 104 haplotypes, 10 were found identical to the Jat Sikh population of Punjab which is the greatest number among the Indian populations, and 4 to the Turkish population, which is the greatest number among the European populations. It further clarifies that the Ezhavas were genetically more similar to the Europeans (60%) than to the East Asians (40%),’’ the study report said.

“Due to the geographical position of the Indian Peninsula between Africa, the Pacific, and west and east Eurasia, different populations have moved through its territory. This is why ethnic Indian population shows enormous cultural, linguistic, and genetic diversity. The long seacoast of Kerala on the southern-most part of India has provided a gateway to India for many Asian, European, and Srilankan missionaries and traders. Non-tribal communities of Kerala, as shown by a human leukocyte antigen (HLA) analysis, were influenced by Dravidian, Indo-European, and East Asian gene pools.’’

According to the allele frequency distribution, the Ezhava population of Kerala has got features of European, Central Asian, and East Asian gene pools. Mitochondrial DNA studies also validated the presence of two distinct, eastern and western Eurasian-specific lineage groups in India, suggesting that there were at least two separate migration events to India, says the study report.

Dr Seema claims that this is the first report on the Y-STR profile in Kerala population. The Ezhava population was compared with other Indian populations and with selected world populations in order to investigate the pattern of paternal contributions, she adds.

According to Dr K. Sasikumar, chairman of Sree Budha Education Society who was the driving spirit behind the project, the data made available through the SBCE study would be of great help in developing unique genetic fingerprints or a DNA Barcode for personnel identification, forensic analysis, etc. The study has got much relevance as genetic fingerprinting can also help us a lot in predicting our future health, he said.


Efforts to swindle Shree Narayana Karthappa Education Trust Property; A massive protest on April 7th in Mudipu, Mangalore

  • TWA, Mumbai, 01/04/2013 12:46 pm

News appeared in dated 1st April 2013.

 Mangalore, April,1 : M. Dinesh Kumpala – President of Nyasa Samrakshana Samiti alleged in his press meet speech held at Pathrika Bhavan that in the pretext of grabbing the property  which belongs to Shree Narayana Karthappa Education Trust, Rohidas Bangera from Mumbai, K.P. Aravind and V. Anand are trying to sell the said  property to one Aboobakkar Koti Hazar from Deralakatte.

 He further said in his speech that  the aforesaid education trust has got 10.34 acres of land in Mudipu comes under the jurisdiction of Buntwal Taluk. With the involvement of likeminded people from Thiya Community and help from the donors Trust has decided to build one Educational institution of Thiya group. Accordingly in the name of Shree Narayana Karthappa Memorial Education Trust was established. But the above named  people were different in their mind set to start a business centre in a big scale in the land what they are claiming to be their self claimed property.

 But after knowing the fact, alerted people of the community have filed a litigation case in the court and demanded the concerned authorities to stop the sale deed of the property. On 26th March V. Anand accompanied by some goons has forcibly destroyed the warning name board erected by Shree Narayana Karthappa Samrakshana   samiti on the said plot on March 24th.

 A case in this regard has been registered at Konaje police station

 People who are claimed to be self claimed owner of the said Trust are trying to cheat us by selling the said property worth rupees 20 crore. Samiti has organized a big protest on April, 7th demanding an immediate action against unscrupulous people like Rohidas Bangera, K.P. Aravind, Ganesh Kuntalpady opposing their illegal activities just in the intention of cheating us and urged the concerned authorities to see that no future pressure or problems be encountered with this episode.

 Gangadhar Durgipalli- Samiti Organizer, Nagesh Kumble-Member, Shreedhar M. Uchil were present in the meet.


 News from Thiya Welfare Association, Mumbai.

 Thiya Welfare Association had summoned the Thiya community members about the unscrupulous and personal vested interest and this awareness has been spread since Nov 2009 and several caution notices were sent (returned as refused to accept) to the Vice President and Secretary of Thiya samaj by registered AD letters  and emails running to appox 53 pages to STOP THIS LAND DEAL.

 Thiya samachara has also published several news and articles earlier to spread awareness amongst our community. Some of the news and articles will be found in this web links.