Thiya Samachara

Thiya Samachara is the Print media partner for Thiya Welfare Association. You can read this articles in English and in Kannada here:


In our last editorial (March – April 2012) we had exposed two photograph of our land that has been raped and sold in the name of mining Red Literate stones. A Police Complaint has already been lodged in Konaje Police Station, Mangalore. for stopping the illegal land mining on our trust property. The same has come to an halt thereafter.
A large crater has been created due to this mining activity. We need to decide, who will fill this crater back in shape to compensate the loss to Thiya members.
The Thiya Welfare Association and Thiya Samachara has received tremendous applause for helping some members in stalling the Narayana Karthappa Memorial Land Deal temporarily. The battle is yet not over and has just begun. The defendants in the Land deal case at Mangalore Dist. court have now approached the High Court in Bangalore and trying their best to present their case at the Hon. High Court in Bangalore.
I sincerely and heartily thank all those who supported TWA and Thiya Samachara in achieving this milestone. They are all our well wishers and members from Mumbai and Mangalore and are members of the Thiya community, who gave a full hearted support to this common Thiya Cause to safeguard our only property in Mangalore.
Thiya Samachara has been a active catalyst in making this happen through our thought provoking editorials and articles by intellectualThiya members. These articles and editorials have touched the Thiya heart and have opened the eyes of almost all Thiya Members in Karnataka and Maharashtra. The perpetrators now have agreed that “Thiya Samachara has tremendous reach and readership in both these states and is working as an tool to awaken the Thiya members”.
Members who are sitting on the fence are stunned with whatever development has transpired and are thinking now that “Why some senior learned and educated Thiya Samaj members are still keeping quiet?. Is it some personal benefits that they have already taken or is that they are expecting some personal favors after the land is sold and the booty is ready for a share”.??
All thats happening is thought provoking and is definitely for the benefit of our community, hence we at TWA and Thiya Samachara are very grateful and would like to thank each and every member, who have come forward to help us morally and financially, for this noble cause to safe guard our only property in Mangalore.

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